For most of you, this will not be a necessary step.

If you followed the directions in our guide to signing up for Taobao,  and left the final checkbox checked, then you will already have an Alipay account created for you automatically. But if you do need to sign up for Alipay account independent of Taobao, then check this out.

First, let’s confirm that you don’t already have an Alipay account

Go to the Alipay registration page. Type in the email address you used to register for Taobao and click the button.


Here is what you might see after clicking that button:


  • Blue – You are not registered on Alipay. Please continue with the registration form.



Alipay’s registration form

When registering for Alipay seperately, it will ask for more info than when you signed up for Taobao.  They will want your ID (passport) number and a phone number. Let’s take a look.



Some tips on the first part of the form:

  • For numbers 1, to and 3, you enter in the same thing twice to confirm against typos.
  • Your passwords in 2 and 3 cannot match!
  • Number 4 is a security question. The default is asking for your Dad’s and Mom’s names. Remember what you type.


Okay, take a breath. Now the rest of the form.



Some notes on the second part of the form

  • Passport 护照 is the second option 
  • Enter your mobile phone number. Or another contact phone number. They only need one.

Time to check your email

The next screen will tell you that you need to confirm your email address. Go to your email.



You will receive an email that looks like this. (Check your spam folder if you don’t see it.) Click on the circled link.



Since my name is not really Marty McFly, I did not click through. But when you click the link, you will see this success screen.


You’ve done it!

That’s one of the more difficult forms Taobao will throw at you, but you did a great job. Now you can take a look around Alipay – check out our guide to the Alipay Control Panel.